Wind and Willow Gourmet

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Cheeseball Mixes

Add a few simple ingredients, a few minutes of time and you'll have appetizers or desserts your guests will rave about!

Soup Mixes

These soup bases are easy and quick for those busy days


dip a little bit of heaven on your next chip or cracker.

Cider Mixes

Combine these cider mixes with apple juice or apple cider.   These mixes also make great cakes, cookies or smoothies, depending on the type of mix, recipe on the box! 

Dip Chillers

These chillers are great for your Wind & Willow dips.  Place ice in the bottom container and add your dip to the top container and keep your dips cool!  Add a Wind & Willow mix for a special house warming gift!

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Holiday Fun
Make a White Chocolate Amaretto Cheesecake Cheeseball, but instead of shaping it like a ball, shape it into a snowman or snowman head!  Decorate with edible candies, fruit rollups make a great scarf!

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